Heavenly Bliss Body Butter Creations
8oz Love potion

8oz Love potion

$15.00 USDComing soon

Indulge in soft, velvety-smooth skin with our 8oz body butter. This luxurious body butter is available in both scented and unscented options, leaving you feeling refreshed and smelling amazing all day long.
To use, simply take a small amount and rub it in your hands before applying it to your skin. It will be quickly absorbed into your skin leaving you feeling moisturized throughout the day.
Our products come with a complimentary set of three fragrance strips of our current scents to try out at home.
Our 8oz body butter is made from high-quality ingredients such as cocoa butter, mango butter, and arrowroot powder to nourish and hydrate the skin naturally.
This product has been exclusively designed for adults seeking premium skincare solutions that cater to their needs without bothering about harsh synthetic ingredients.
The single-item pack contains neither alcohol nor aerosols ensuring safe usage for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues.
The shelf life of this product is six months from the date of manufacture ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits for an extended period without any concerns about quality degradation or spoilage.
In summary, this regular edition 8oz body butter In summary, this regular edition 8oz body butter promises smoothness while providing lasting hydration combined with an indulgent aroma that will leave everyone wanting more!

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